Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CBC feature on hymns, God's Greatest Hits, asked me to consult for the series

I had a recent contact from a fellow named Jason Charters, one of the producers of Canadian Televisions series on hymnody. Here's what he wrote. "I am one of the producers of  a Canadian television series called God's Greatest Hits that airs here on VisionTV.  I am currently researching hymns for our second season and I  came across your websites.  We are planning a trip to Ireland and England  to do some filming for three of our episodes.  One is on British hymns,  one is on Irish hymns and one is on Maritime hymns.  We are looking for people to interview about some of the songs and for local performers as  well. Would you have a bit of time to talk on the phone with me?"

After our telephone conversation, he asked me to review their list of hymns and hymn writers for the series and make recommendations. Whether or not they will use any of my recommendations remains to be seen. Their selections feature jazz and pop singers singing versions of classic hymns (and some not so classic ones). One Canadian posed the question in the Vancouver Sun: "Should U2's inspiring song, ONE, be a contender for the Canadian series, 'God's Greatest Hits?'" You get the idea. Nevertheless, it was interesting to be asked to offer some input to the second season of the series.

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  1. I'm not sure if it's more surprising that they're doing a TV series on this topic or that they want to use a U2 song! Great picture to go along with the blog entry. It put a smile on my face today.