Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cleaning my glasses & parting poetry from CHS Senior Class, 2012

I entered my classroom Monday morning, and abruptly halted in my tracks. Sometimes after riding my bike to school, especially when it's been drizzling (as it had been the Monday morning in question), my glasses get sort of fogged up. There was a bit of a film on them yesterday morning. But once a gave them a quick wipe down, everything was back to normal. Admittedly, I'm not the most meticulous housekeeper, but what's the big deal? Everything looked fine to me.

Now for the poem. One of my seniors left this parting poem on his final exam (with a few minor helps):

We’ve studied Screwtape Letters and Macbeth,
And learned how much temptation leads to death.
We learned that demons tempt men to despair,
And that King James was Banquo’s heir.
While Lewis’ Screwtape Letters tops them all,
Macbeth displays what happens when we fall.
While Bill and Jack and all the rest we’re fond,
We learned them all from Mr. Bond!


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