Sunday, April 15, 2012

CHS with the dear folks at Cambridge Presbyterian

I was racing to Cambridge from an unexpected detour back to London, multiple trains, underground connections, and a cab ride, I came in on the evening worship. Ian Hamilton wasn't preaching and at first I was readying myself to be disappointed. Ted Donnelly from northern Ireland was filling the pulpit very ably.

"Show me Jesus," was his reoccurring Theme throughout. With feeling and simplicity he urged us to urge our pastors to show us Jesus in every worship service and sermon, to look for Jesus in our reading of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He argued that this was Jesus' purpose in his earthly ministry and referenced the road to Emmaeus passage Luke 24:27 where Jesus showed them through all the scriptures himself therein. It was thrilling and encouraging to hear him preach Christ so clearly and with such passion.

Great to see Ian and Joan Hamilton again, never long enough, and Andrew and Annabelle Haylet and some of their children, and others in that blessed body of Christians. May Christ continue to be high and lifted up here.


  1. wow Ian Hamilton? THE Ian Hamilton?

  2. Listening to the podcast of Ted Donnely right now from the 15th! wonderful focus on sharing and showing and living Jesus! thanks for sharing about this message! R McLin

  3. Yes, The Ian Hamilton. Do you know him or have you heard him preach? He and his wife Joan are good friends of ours. Wonderful preach of the gospel. Ralph, miss you on the tour! Ted ws