Friday, November 18, 2011

NEW HYMN! Sung by Judy Rogers, written by Douglas Bond

Click to listen to my New Reformation Hymn, WE RISE AND WORSHIP, sung by Judy Rogers and produced by Mitch Nutt. I am honored that Judy Rogers (known to so many for her wonderful children's music) has put her marvelous musical talent to work on one of my hymns. This is a fresh-cut musical rendition of the hymn I wrote in 2007. Judy collaborated with composer Mitch Nutt (more about both of them below).    

Judy Rogers is an Independent Christian Music singer-songwriter. Since 1986 when her debut album Why Can't I See God? was released, Judy has been writing songs and performing concerts and musical programs for churches, camps, homeschool groups, women's/youth/family retreats, and other events from New England to California, Michigan to Florida and Texas, from Canada to England. 

Children and parents alike have enjoyed learning Biblical truths through her songs that cover the major teachings of the Bible (Based on the Westminster Children's and Shorter Catechisms). Filled with songs that are distinctively biblical, thought provoking, and melodically addicting, Judy's concerts are sure to lift your spirits. We invite you to find out more about Judy and listen to her music as you visit her website.

Mitch Nutt is an inde­pen­dent com­poser striv­ing to reclaim the sphere of music for our Lord Jesus Christ. Upon grad­u­at­ing from col­lege, Mitch cre­ated a home stu­dio (this is a good one: he calls it Nutt House Music--love it!) in hopes of ben­e­fiting Chris­t­ian busi­nesses and film­mak­ers nation­wide. Thus far, the Lord has gra­ciously granted him the oppor­tu­nity to score the doc­u­men­tary “IndoctriNation.”

Mitch has authored/edited a collection of Reformation hymns with new musical settings he composed for classic hymns by Horatius Bonar (one of my all-time favorite hymn writers) and others. You can learn more about him and his work at: 

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  1. What a wonderful combination. I have loved Judy's musuc for years and this melody is a great compliment to your worshipful words