Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour begins tomorrow morning! Great day today

Great day exploring with Eric and Irene. Revisited Rullion Green and confirmed that we can get the coach reasonably close to the battlefield. As an aside we visited the Falkirk Wheel--an amazing feat of engineering that flips canal boats down a huge drop onto a lower canal. Quite a ride. Organized things with Rev Geoff Redmayne of Fenwick Kirk, who agreed to speak with our folks tomorrow afternoon and show us inside the Kirk. Wonderful historic place, the kirkyard filled with Covenanter martyrs and artifacts. Then off to afternoon tea with Kevin and Gillian Scade, and Iain and Heather Garvie, and Angus and Mae Steel, and all their beautiful grandchildren.
  1. Fine Scottish dinner at the Cochrane and then podcast interview with Redeemed Reader blog (World magazine fans, that's Janie Cheaney and her cohort Emily Whitten's first-rate blog on literature for young people). You can hear this and a previous podcast on my Fathers and Sons series at We talked about Mr. Pipes and using fiction to awaken another generation to the beauty and importance of hymns, and about the Covenanters and some brief highlights of what our tour will see in the coming days.

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