Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandpa-hood, only a few hours into it, but glorious!

My son Rhodri with his daughter Gwynna (shared birthdays)
The first text warbled in at about 12:20 this morning. Contractions getting stronger and closer together. Then off to hospital at 2:00. Updates landing regularly from 3:15 on. My wife and I prayed together for strength and grace for Rhodri and Tori. Then the long-awaited news came: Gwenna Rose Bond was born at 5:08, April 25, 2011, which in God's good providence is also her father's 21st birthday. Then picture texts began arriving. What an adorable, chubby, healthy, contented little beauty!

The prettiest grandma I know (my wife)
Here she is!

A really happy family
 My 8 year-old, Giles--now Uncle Giles--and 5 year-old, Gillian--now Aunt Gillian, loaded up with Aunt Brittany and Uncle Desmond (Uncle Cedric just arriving back in Oklahoma City after Senior National trials in SD, CA) and off to St. Joseph's Hospital, where Rhodri was born exactly 21 years ago. What a pleasure to hold this precious gift of God! Tori looked amazing, especially for having been up all night laboring to bring this precious covenant child into the world. Rhodri just kept smiling--no, smiling's too weak a word for it--beaming works better. We bless God for his immeasurable kindness to the Bonds this day.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! Praise the Lord! What a beautiful child.

    Praise God for such a blessing!

  2. Absolutely wonderful Congrats, Doug and all! She's very beautiful, with a beautiful name to match.