Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sneak preview of a way-too-kind endorsement of my Knox biography

Dear Greg (Bailey, Executive Editor, Reformation Trust),

I'm so glad to see this book going into print. I hope it will familiarize many with the life of this godly and much misunderstood man. I don't know Douglas Bond, although I sometimes feel as if he is a member of my family! My boys have grown up reading and re-reading and re-reading his books. Many's a Sunday afternoon we've smelled the Scottish heather and felt the Scottish rain as we've read together in Grand Rapids. We just love his books and I only wish he could write one a week to keep up with my boys reading appetite!

If you have opportunity, please pass on my gratitude for his great work. With this latest bio, I think we can confer on him the title he has worked so long to achieve: "Honorary Scotsman."

Every blessing, David.

[Here's the real endorsement]
"Though I love John Knox, I rarely enjoy reading about John Knox. Most biographers leave me feeling like a pathetic worm beside this mighty lion of Scotland. But, to my great surprise, this book lifted my spirits and even inspired me! Why? Because Douglas Bond has captured and communicated the secret of John Knox's power - a genuinely felt and openly confessed weakness that depended daily and completely on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Mighty weakness! What an encouraging message for all worms who want to be lions!"

Dr. David P Murray, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

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