Thursday, September 2, 2010

INKBLOTS: Member gains approval from Writer's Edge reading service

Congratulations to Doug McComas* on his compelling novel set in WW II South Pacific! Few publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts making it all the more difficult for first-time authors (Lewis was a first-time author once) even to have their work read by an acquisitions editor. Many publishers have turned to reading service organizations like The Writer's Edge in Wheaton, IL. McComas had sent a previous manuscript to WE and received a curt rejection from them, but he kept writing. I have enjoyed seeing and hearing Doug's writing mature and hearing him develop his voice as a writer. This manuscript needs to be snatched up by a publisher. But that's not just my opinion.

Writer's Edge wrote of it, "Nice job with this. Your writing style is lovely--full of sharp imagery. It's a compelling story you've set out here. Great job! I hope to see this in print some day."

Here's Doug's synopsis: "Stranded on a Pacific battlefield Nathan recalls his life.  From his upbringing and Marine Corps boot camp to hard combat on Tarawa, to mass suicides of families on Saipan, then his return home, God’s calling for his life comes in unexpected ways involving people he never imagined."

* Note: The photograph above is not Doug McComas--too much hair. It's C. S. Lewis.

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