Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Book Contract signed with P&R

I have just signed two book contracts with P&R Publishing, the latest intended to be a companion volume to THE BETRAYAL, my adult novel on John Calvin, historical fiction on the life of John Knox. I look forward to being in Scotland in a few weeks, helping to lead the Covenant High School historical studies tour, where I intend to do some on-location research and writing, as well as gathering video clips on Knox locations and on the Scottish attitude toward him (these could be colorful). The other book contract is for a companion volume to Hostage Lands, an Anglo-Saxon tale set in 7th century Britain, peaty, mead-hall, warrior-bard material.

The challenge for me as a writer (among other things--O, if exclusively to be a writer) is to set aside the feeling of pressure to produce (I have another book contract in the mail from Reformation Trust) in favor of the security and clarity of focus that book contracts afford. There is that nail-gnawing anxiety to wonder if I can pull it off again, again, again--which of course I can't, though "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." All that to say, I very much value the prayers of my readers. Now would be a good time to hit the knees.

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