Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Gig Harbor Reformed Bible Study KCIS Script

Is the good news of the gospel of grace alone in Christ alone--just too good to be true?

Do you worry that you might forfeit God’s mercy if you don’t obey, if you’re not good enough?

Did Christ’s sacrifice really and fully pay my debt? Is Christ’s righteousness alone sufficient--or do I need to add my performance, my obedience to complete the deal?

Was Justification by faith alone just true back in 16th-century Reformation Europe? Or does it remain the central message of the entire Bible—and my only comfort in life and in death?

For answers, you are warmly invited to the Gig Harbor Reformed Bible Study.

Mark Vander Pol, on staff at the White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation magazine, Escondido, CA will lead the opening study, Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00 pm at Cottesmore of Lifecare, 2909 14th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor.

You’ll not want to miss this opening study and introduction to the mission and ministry of the United Reformed Church.

For more information about Gig Harbor Reformed please go to gigharborreformed.wordpress.com; it’s easy to remember: gigharborreformed.wordpress.com; or call at 253-234-4727, that’s 253-234-4727.

Come Tuesday, February 16th, 7:00pm if you’re worn out at trying to win God’s favor by your performance. Come if you long for the “always-and-forever” embrace of the gospel of grace alone in Christ alone.

The Gig Harbor Reformed Bible Study is a mission work of the Bellingham United Reformed Church.

Check us out at gigharborreformed.wordpress.com

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