Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Guns of Providence?

USS PROVIDENCE, 12-gun sloop featured in my new book (to release June, 2010). Below is an excerpt from the timeline in the appendix:

1775 June 15, George Washington named commander-in-chief of Continental Army
1775 June 17, Bunker Hill
1775 August 23, George III refuses to read the Olive Branch Petition and declared the colonies to be in rebellion
1775 October 13, Continental Congress establishes Continental Navy, with Esek Hopkins as first commodore
1776 January 15, Common Sense, by Thomas Paine
1776 May 10, John Paul Jones given command of 12-gun sloop, Providence
1776 July 4, Declaration of Independence
1776 William Howe, commander-in-chief of British Navy, takes New York and Rhode Island
1776 September 22, Nathan Hale executed as a spy. “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country,” he said, quoting Joseph Addison
1776 Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith
1776 Edward Bancroft, inventor of invisible ink, spies on Benjamin Franklin in Paris
1776 December 25, Washington’s victory at Trenton, New Jersey
1777 January 3, Washington’s victory at Princeton, New Jersey
1777 June 14, Continental Congress adopts Stars and Stripes as American flag...

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