Monday, July 6, 2009

Calvin in Geneva, July 5, 2009

We enjoyed an unforgettably wonderful Sunday in Calvin’s Geneva, and can only imagine what great blessings abounded from this place and pulpit in those 25 years wherein Calvin preached some 4,000 sermons. Several of our number dispersed to stroll about the old town before worship, visiting the Reformation Wall erected on the old fortified wall of the city in 1909, Calvin’s 400th birthday celebration. It is perhaps useful to reflect that not a single adult who participated in that commemoration and the unveiling of that wall is here at the 500th. Ryan Gross commented about the four figures depicted on the wall, “Farel, Calvin, Knox and Beza appear to be well but are considerably taller than I imagined.” Ryan knows of what he speaks; he’s 6’ 7”! Pictured next to Calvin's statue is 14-year-old Johnny Scharer, whom we have used to remind all of us how old Calvin was when he began his studies at the University of Paris in 1523.

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