Wednesday, June 17, 2009

John Calvin 500 Tour

On this site and on the site linked on the title you will be able to follow the Calvin 500 Tour of Calvin sites in France, Switzerland, and selected places in Germany. The Calvin tour led by Cheryl, Brittany, and author Douglas Bond officially begins July 1 and goes through July 11, 2009. See the itinerary below and subscribe to this site to get email notification of all blog posts throughout the trip. See video, pictures, and commentary on imporatant sites related to the life of John Calvin, the Theologian of the Reformation.

CALVIN QUINCENTENARY 2009 FPC Tour (updated June 17, 2009)

July 1, Wednesday: Arrive in Paris, CDG airport; Afternoon sightseeing and shopping. Settle into hotel, evening stroll on the Seine, 6 pm group dinner at Au Bistro de la Montagne (38 rue de la montagne Sainte Geneviève - 75005 Paris 33 01 46 33 33 16)
Hotel Minerve
13 rue des Ecoles (75005 Paris)
33 (0) 1 43 26 26 04 33

July 2, Thursday: visit Notre Dame cathedral, and College de Montaigu am; Batobus on the Seine with stops for afternoon options: Eiffel Tower, other Paris sites, shopping, at your option… Group dinner at 6 pm

July 3, Friday: Place de la Greve (martyr sites); other locations sig. to Calvin’s life and early years as student in Paris, including Rue de Villette and St. Germain l‘Auxerrois; afternoon options. Dinner on your own.

July 4, Saturday: Leave Paris 7:30 am coach to Geneva, lunch stop Town of Beaune, a medieval village in the center of Burgundy wine country, wine tasting rooms in caves like the one in St. Benoit where Calvin first served the wine in the Lord’s Supper. Arrive that afternoon/evening in Geneva with visit to Reformation wall and other sites time permitting. Group dinner at 7pm Fondue dinner at Edelweiss Restaurant (2 place de la Navigation, 1201 Genève, Switzerland) with Swiss music.
Hotel Mon Repos
131-133, Rue de Lausanne, CH-1202 Genève Tél +41 22 909 3 909
(3 hours to Beaune, 2.5 hours to Geneva)

July 5, Sunday: Lord’s Day worship at St. Pierre, Calvin’s church and pulpit, Sinclair Ferguson, Archbishop of Uganda, reception and Psalm singing, and Brian Chapell preaching in the evening. See the Auditoire, climb the spire of St. Pierre, crypt tour… Dinner on your own.

July 6, Monday: Leave Geneva, first stop Lausanne Cathedral and tour with Swiss Reformed pastor, visit with Monica and Lionel Jauvert and on to Strasbourg. Dinner in Petite France area at Au Pont Saint Martin at 7pm (15 Rue des Moulins 67000 Strasbourg, France Tèl: +33 (0) 3 88 32 45 13)
Hotel Gutenberg
31 rue des Serruriers - 67000 Strasbourg
Tel. : +33 (0)3 88 32 17 15
(40 minutes to Lausanne and 3.25 hours to Strasbourg)

July 7, Tuesday: Stroll the Medieval streets of the charming city of Strasbourg where Calvin preached, wrote his first commentary (on Romans), fell in love… Shopping and dinner on own.

July 8, Wednesday: Coach trip to Worms where Calvin was a delegate for Strasbourg at a debate and where Luther earlier took his stand for truth. Sightseeing and lunch. Stop in Heidelberg and tour the Castle where the Heidelberg Confession of faith was drafted. Dinner at Le Gruber Restaurant (11 Rue du Maroquin + 336 77 56 18 33) 7pm in Strasbourg.
(1hour 45 min. to Worms, 45 min to Heidelberg,1.5 hours back to Strasbourg)

July 9, Thursday: trip to Noyon, stop in Verdun for lunch and American cemetery (WWI) visit, stop in Reims Cathedral and old town visit, then on to Noyon with its old-world charm. Our hotel is next to the Romanesque cathedral where Calvin received his benefices and the Calvin museum. Dinner with vouchers in your choice of 3 restaurants.
Hotel le Cedre
8, rue de l'Evêché 60400 Noyon Tél : +33 (0)3 44 44 23 24
(2.5 hours to Verdun, 1.25 hours to Reims, and 1.5 hours to Noyon.)

July 10, Friday: wake up “two steps” from Calvin’s birthplace in Noyon; tour
Calvin’s village, cathedral, and birth site on his 500th birthday! Afternoon optional trip to Armistice museum (40 min drive), renaissance manuscript museum, explore a Gallo-Roman crypt. Dinner with vouchers for your choice of 3 restaurants.

July 11, Saturday: Early breakfast and drive to CDG airport in Paris; flights home or connections (per your flight or extended stay arrangements)
(1.25 hour drive)

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