Friday, May 1, 2009

The Betrayal, a novel on John Calvin

I completed my final review of the galley proofs of The Betrayal, my forthcoming novel on the life of John Calvin, to release June 1, 2009. So many details to attend to! Make sure that Sadoleto is spelled consistently throughout, that Neuchatel has that little Swiss mountain over the 'a', that Place de la Greve has the accent mark over the first 'e' in Greve, that I've checked and rechecked all those minute details--dates, precise quotations, sources in the "Guide to Further Reading" appendix. The making of books can be a wearying of the bones!

P&R Publishing asked for a short film clip of me introducing the books since I will be unable to attend ICRS (formerly CBA), the international Christian publishers trade show this July. I'll be leading a Calvin Quincentenary tour during the show at which The Betrayal will be released. I'll post the video as soon as it's finished. Visit to read a sample chapter of the book. [at right, the interior of Noyon Cathedral, where 12-year-old Calvin was made Chaplain of Le Gesine]

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  1. Great! This is a good book, so I look forward to its release.