Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oxford: student reflections on the tour

CJ led off with appreciation for the time of singing Saturday night with host families in Scotland 

Playing British monopoly Libby found unique with all the British locations

Sarah D was particulate moved by the rich heartfelt praying of Scottish Christians

Shauna was impressed by God's creation seen at Hadrian's Wall. "Made you feel small but safe in the Creator."

Host family tried to replicate an American thanksgiving dinner for Sarah W

Anne appreciated Churchill's Chartwell. And expressed gratitude for Mr. Hannula and Bond

Isabel and Breah appreciated seeing the Holy Spirit at work at Cambridge Presbyterian, and the contrast with the rote formalism at Anglican Canterbury service

Don loved seeing the students interacting and enjoying each other and the leaders guiding them (one of our great parent chaperones, couldn't do it without you)

Evangeline enjoyed the chaperone times together and seeing God's providence bringing us all together for such a warm and enjoyable time spent together

Gareth believes he can sleep anywhere after the night crossing to France

And prayers of heart-felt thanksgiving offered by many conclude our last devotion time of the tour

Off to CS Lewis' church, grave, and his home the Kilns in Headington Quarry

Thanks for all your prayers! God our Heavenly Father has wonderfully answered them. 

Any adults and families eager for a similar adventure, I have a few places left in our Knox @ 500 Scotlad Tour in June. Visit www.bondvoyage.webs.com

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